Thank you for visiting our new medical services page. Starting June 1st, 2019, we will be offering two complete medical care tracks tailored to your level of need: Foundational Care and Advanced Care.

Below we have recapped what these care tracks offer, as well as everything you need to know to make a smooth transition.

What’s next?

Step 1: Review the following care tracks, fees, and timeline

Step 2: Complete the care form to confirm your recommended care track and/or provider OR to let us know you have questions

Step 3: Review our timeline of important dates


You’ll find answers to your Frequently Asked Questions below.

You can also view the Care update letter here.



Integrative Primary Care, including annual exams, well woman visits, acute visits, primary care procedures, group visits

Integrative lifestyle approaches to sleep, relationships, nutrition, activity, and stress

Management of pain, cardiometabolic, basic hormone and GI issues

Access to preventative screening, such as ultrasound, vitalscan, maxpulse, EKG

Lab screening and review of our comprehensive Labcorp panels

Medication and supplement management to minimize side effects and optimize health, including IV therapy

Expert & collaborative referral network that includes both specialists and CIH’s own team of complementary wellness providers

Access to our Integrative nutrition team for cardiometabolic, weight loss/gain, diabetes, and general GI issues




Access to Advanced Functional Medicine diagnostics for SIBO, metals, micronutrient status, stool, hormones, Lyme, EBV, neurotransmitters, adrenals & thyroid, food sensitivities, mold, genetic testing, detox markers, & organic acids status

Specialized, tailored programs to optimize brain health, hormones, and detoxification & to restore gut health and immune health

Nutrition Comprehensive Protocols to help patients stay on track with complex digestive and immune issues while not in the office.

Access to our Functional Nutrition team for one-on-one guidance on harder-to-treat issues like candida, small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), parasites, and inflammatory bowel disorders



*Patients moving to the Advanced Care Family Plan, save big by getting access to Advanced Care for the entire family- for the price of one.

  • To learn more about what the Annual Fee covers, click here.

  • Interested in seeing only complementary care providers? You will not need to pay the Annual Fee for access to their therapies.


To confirm your recommended care track and/or provider, early bird register, or to let us know you have questions, please below.


By March 22: Fill out the form above, and submit your decision to receive an Early Bird Credit for 2 free Sauna visits

By March 30: Request an appointment here with your current and/or new provider to discuss your care track recommendation, if needed. In your reason for appointment, please add “Care Track Questions”.

By April 1: Complete any outstanding specialty lab kits if moving to Foundational Care

May 1: Deadline to confirm your decision about your upcoming year’s plan

June 1: Medical practice offerings and Annual Fee changes take effect


+ How do I know which care track my provider recommends for me?

You received your provider's recommendations regarding your care in a letter sent to your home late February. If you did not recieve this letter, please contact Gina Washington through your patient portal.

+ Will I be able to transfer between Foundational & Advanced Care if I need to?

Yes. Should you and your provider find it medically necessary for you to move to a different level of care, you can do so pending the following:

  • You have completed a full year of treatment, if in Advanced Care
  • If your provider does not see both Foundational and Advanced Care patients, you may have a short wait for an available provider.

Click here for terms and policies

+ I’m basically “well” but really interested in advanced diagnostics. Can I be in the Advanced track?

Of course. Many patients want to learn more so they can continue to prevent health problems in the future, or improve their wellness. We just need to make sure there’s an opening on a practitioner’s panel who provides Advanced care.

+ What if I just want one specialty lab test completed, can I just pay for that and not pay for the Advanced Care track?

No. If there’s a change to your health and you require a speciality lab test, you will need a provider who is specifically trained to anaylze your results and determine your course of treatment. We have found that it can take up to a year (or more) to correct imbalance found in abnormal specialty labs.

+ I have 6 months or so left of my healing plan based on my current testing, can I pay the same price until I am done with that process, even though I will not finish until after June 1?

Your provider has taken a lot of time to review your specific case and believes you need to more time to stabilize your health which is why he/she recommended Advanced Care. If you have questions or concerns, please make an appointment with your provider before May 1 to discuss your case further.

+ I have autoimmune thyroid, don't I need to go to Advanced care?

In most case, autoimmune thryoid can often be treated with nutrition, lifestyle, supplements and/or medications, and use labcorp tests. If you aren't getting better with this approach, you can talk to your provider about transferring to Advanced care for deeper diagnostics.

If you have a history of SIBO and are recommended Foundational Care, your provider believes that regular testing is no longer needed to manage your care. Lifestyle changes, supplements, and nutrition will be the best way to maintain your health.

Fill out the form above to officially let us know this, and we will be in touch to schedule an appointment so you can discuss this care recommendation with your provider.

+ When does my care change?

Your care track/provider will change as of June 1. Your annual fee will change at this time as well.

+ I want to get some advanced testing done before I change to Foundational Care, can I do this?

Absolutely. If you have been assigned Foundational Care, you can complete any advanced testing before April 1, to account for the long return timeframe of some lab tests.

+ I currently have a Family Plan. If I am the only one in my family who needs Advanced Care, what is my annual fee?

Whether you are on the individual plan or family plan, we've kept the additional cost for Advanced care to approximately $500. In your case, it makes the most sense to choose the Advanced Care Family Plan. The good news? Each family member can recieve Advanced Care treatment, if needed, for the price of one.

+ If I choose to discontinue my medical care, will I get a refund?

Yes. If you are not on a monthly fee cycle and decide not to renew your medical care at CIH on June 1, we will refund a prorated amount of your annual fee. Contact to determine this amount.

We understand the financial hardship this may cause for some patients. Please fill out the form above so our annual fee coordinator can let you know of your prorated refund from your annual fee, if applicable. We have also created a list of fantastic local referral providers.

+ I started my plan earlier this year, and will be changing to the Advanced Care, how much more do I have to pay?

Our annual fee coordinator will be reaching out to you to let you know how much more you will be paying in order to move into Advanced Care, which will be prorated based off of your current renewal date. You will be charged this additional amount for a year of Advanced Care on June 1.

+ If I am changing to the Advanced Plan, when do we have to pay our new increases?

We will charge you the determined new price on June 1. Since there are a limited number of Advanced Care slots available, it is important that you notify us as soon as you can. Unfortunately, if we don’t hear from you by May 1, we cannot guarantee an Advanced Care place for you or your family.