In 2014, unexpectedly, I experienced a deep emotional healing of a major childhood trauma during a 60 minute deep tissue massage session. I learned the therapist was a Reiki Grand Master. Her explanation, I must have “sensed the energy” from her practice of Reiki. “What is Reiki?” was my question with skepticism. With God as my guide, I cautiously began my personal Reiki journey.

Being from New Orleans and living in California at the time, I was certain my family of origin would see Reiki as some form of “Voodoo” and make a California joke in ridicule. To my surprise, they have been curious and supportive. They witness the beautiful impact: the more authentic “me” emerging everyday.

In 2017, I left a 19 year career as an electrical engineer/IT manager with a leading fortune 500 oil & gas energy company, to support my family in a move to Maryland. In Feb 2019, I reached the level of Master in my Reiki practice. I often joke, I have always been in the “Energy” business.

I am a Master trained in the Usui Method of Reiki by Grand Master Suzan Lupejkis. I have over 4 years of experience using Reiki to support people in achieving their wellness goals. I am look forward to meeting you and learning about your wellness goals.

Reiki Training Certificates

  • Reiki First Degree; Usui System of Natural Healing; July 2015

  • Reiki Second Degree; Usui System of Natural Healing; August 2016

  • Reiki Master; Usui System of Natural Healing; February 2018

In Light and Love