+ Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Works with the body's energy system to enhance immune, musculoskeletal, endocrine, gut, nervous system and emotional health. Acupuncture can help children to adults at all stages of wellness.

Initial Session (90 minutes) | $175
Follow-up Sessions (60 minutes) | $110

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+ Infrared Sauna

Uses mid, near and far-infrared light waves to improve circulation, purify the skin, reduce pain, increase the metabolism, and deeply relax and heal the body.

Sauna Session (up to 30 minutes) | $35
Sauna Session (over 30 minutes) | $45

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+ Holistic Mental Healthcare

Offers a holistic-minded approach to therapy with a focus on healing the body, mind, spirit and relationships. Our therapist works with patients to access and use the mind-body connection to heal physical and emotional illness and pain through stress reduction, relaxation techniques, enhanced coping skills, and lifestyle changes. By using the mind to have a positive impact on the body, patients can heal quickly and naturally leading to long-term success.

Initial Intake | $235
Follow-up Sessions (45-50 minutes) | $195

  • Learn more about mental health services at CIH here.
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+ Naturopathic Oncology

Utilizes evidence-based natural therapies to lessen the side effects associated with conventional oncology treatment, reduce the risk of cancer recurrence, improve quality of life, support immune function and offer cancer-fighting support.

Initial Consult | (60 minutes) $235
Follow-up Consults (45-50 minutes) | $195

  • Learn more about naturopathic oncology at CIH here.
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+ Naturopathic Gastroenterology

Bridges the gap between evidence-based and integrative medical approaches with progressive therapies such as Fecal Microbiota Transplantation and Helminthic Therapy to treat Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and other digestive complaints.

Initial Consult (60 minutes)| $350
Follow-up Consult (45-50 minutes) | $300 Remote Initial Consult (60 minutes) | $450 Remote Follow-up Consult (30 minutes) | $350

  • Learn more about naturopathic GI at CIH here.
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+ Body Memory Recall

A specialized form of bodywork that uses Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation to resolve physical, emotional, and energetic tensions that have developed through different types of trauma, from childbirth and surgery to accidents and physical or emotional abuse.

Initial Session (60 minutes) | $145
Follow-up Sessions (60 Minutes) | $145

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+ Functional Nutrition Services

Ranging from nutritional coaching and self-directed protocols to in-depth gut testing and medically-driven treatment plans, our nutrition programs offer personalized support for patients with a variety of health and lifestyle issues, including diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, IBS, chronic fatigue, SIBO, Candida and weight loss.

Initial and Follow-up visits (60 minutes) | $175
Follow-up visit (30 minutes) | $110

  • Learn more about our Nutrition Services here.
  • Major insurance plans are accepted for appointments with our Functional Nutritionists for patients who pay the medical practice annual fee and see a CIH provider.
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+ Nutritional IV Therapy

Delivers essential nutrients, therapuetic agents and hydration directly into the bloodstream to optimize absorption and improve health and wellness for a variety of ailments, including fatigue, migraines, neurological disorders, cardiovascular disease, Lyme disease, chronic viruses, autoimmune conditions, cancer, and anemia.

  • Learn more about IV Therapy here.
  • IV Therapy is presently available only to patients of the CIH medical practice.
  • At your next appointment, ask your medical provider if you are a good candidate for IV Therapy.

+ Myofascial Release

Releases connective tissue restrictions caused by trauma, postural imbalances, or inflammation through the use of gentle and sustained hands-on pressure. Improves flexibility, pain, and can reduce scar tissue adhesions.

Initial Session (60 minutes) | $145-165
Follow-up Sessions (60 Minutes) | $145-165

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+ Therapeutic Massage

Customizes a variety of body work techniques to reduce stress, alleviate pain, increase mobility and encourage mindful relaxation of the body, mind and spirit.

Massage (90 minutes) | $155
Massage(60 Minutes) | $125

  • All prices include gratutity
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+ TORC Body

Helps to engage and build lean muscle mass of the stomach, thighs, arms and buttocks by using deep electrical muscle stimulation. Results range from loss of inches and improved appearance of cellulite, to the added benefits of better digestion, lymphatic drainage, and circulation.

Initial Intake (75 minutes) | $120
Follow-up (45 Minutes) | $100
Packages of 6 | $510
Package of 12 | $960

  • Learn more about TORC Body here.
  • For a complementary session to try TORC Body, email: echan@cihealth.org

Interested in seeing only complementary care providers? You will not need to pay the Annual Fee for access to these therapies.


New Patients:  

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