Use this New Patient Checklist to prepare for your first visit with us.

1. Register with the Patient Portal. 

____ Complete your Electronic Paperwork. It must be completed prior to your first appointment.

This includes ALL of the following:

1)  Medical History Questionnaire

2)  Treatment Consent Forms

 ____ If you believe you have insurance benefits for acupuncture, please verify coverage here.

2. Visit our membership payment page.

____  If you are a new patient of Dr. Wong's or Marna Regehr's, you must enroll as a member of the medical practice. After you have registered with the patient portal, you will receive an email with a secure link to our membership payment page. To learn more about CIH membership, click here.

3. Schedule Appointment.

____  Schedule your New Patient appointment by calling 240.507.5110.

4. What to bring to your first appointment:

____ Insurance Card & ID (driver’s license, etc) 

____ Checkbook, Cash or Credit Card for payment for your service. If being seen by our physicians or nurse practitioners this payment may include your co-pay, supplements and certain specialty test kits.

____ Any questions about the process or fees associated with being a patient in our practice. You may also review our FAQs before your first visit.

____ All old records and labs that you want or need to include

____ A written or verbal request for consultation from your primary care physician if your insurance requires it. (i.e. You need this if your health insurance doesn’t allow you to see two primary care providers)