At Capital Integrative Health, we serve as both your primary care practitioners AND your functional medicine specialists. Our specialized approach allows us to get to know you on all levels- Body, Mind and Spirit- and utilize unique, advanced diagnostics to drill down to underlying issues impacting your health.

Take a look at how we compare to your typical doctor's office:

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At Capital Integrative Health, we require an annual fee for ALL patients to participate in our primary care and functional medicine practice.  This annual non-covered service fee supports our highly personalized care and allows us to offer enhanced access, education and discounts for patients, including:

  • Patient Portal access
  • Access to a convenient, on-site laboratory
  • Selected discounts on non-covered specialty lab tests
  • Periodic free educational seminars
  • Periodic discounts of supplements

We offer several annual fee options:

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Learn how to become a new patient of our Functional Medicine providers below:

At this time, Dr. Wong is not accepting new patients; however, Marna Regehr, FNP, and Dr. Sandra Delistathis, MD are. To schedule your first appointment with Marna Regehr, FNP or Dr. Sandra Delistathis, MD, simply click the link below and complete the registration form. After we've reviewed the information you've provided us, we will match you with the best medical practitioner for you. Once registered, you will have access to our patient portal to fill out a comprehensive health questionnaire, consents, and pay your annual fee. Once completed, you can schedule your initial appointment. 


To learn more about our annual fee or the practice, visit our Frequently Asked Questions. Click here to sign up and pay the annual fee.