Collaborative Care

Our clinicians are committed to working with you and each other to figure out exactly what you need. We'll take the time to understand you-- not just your diagnosis-- and devise a treatment plan that empowers true health.

  • Weekly team meetings to review and collaborate on patient cases
  • Ability to easily share patient health charts between practitioners
  • Patient access to lab results and health information 
  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Access to health care coordinator when needed 

Holistic Healing

Regardless of which type of care you need, you can trust our team to look at the big picture. We firmly believe that whole health involves all aspects of your being- body, mind and spirit. 

  • Integrative Primary Care
  • Functional Medicine
  • Acupuncture
  • Myofascial Release
  • Physical Therapy
  • Psychology Services
  • Guided Imagery and Meditation
  • Health Coaching
  • Nutritional Counseling

Innovative Approaches

We pride ourselves on thinking outside the box. A fresh approach can often tip the balance when it comes to your health, so we've included progressive options for preventive, diagnostic, educational and group care.

  • Thermography screening
  • Onsite functional lab testing
  • Progressive therapies, such as Myofascial Movement 

What our patients are saying about us.

  • Dr. Wong truly worked with me as a partner, carefully listening, then using his expertise and his willingness to think outside of the box, to unravel the mysteries of my health challenges.
    — AW
  • I am so thankful for Dr. Wong's patience and dedication to the root cause and am so very grateful for this approach.
    — M.G.
  • Love coming to this healing place. In so many ways Kari(myofascial) and Liz(acupuncture) have shaved months off my recovery time after rotator cuff surgery. Now, I have total range of motion.
    — SW
  • When I came to Dr. Wong I had been sick with undiagnosed illness for 2 years. As of today my energy level went from a 2 to a 9. I feel wonderful, and am so grateful for Dr. Wong and his training to help people like me who have undiagnosed issues find healing and life again.
    — SM
  • Thank you CIH staff for your positivity and sweetness. This place is really special. You even give acupuncture in the waiting room when needed!
    — SB
  • I have followed Dr. Wong through 3 practices since 2009, I feel safe and taken care of in his care and I know he will always give me the time and attention to keep me healthy. Plan to be a patient of his for many more years. At Capital Integrative Health he has created a practice where the entire team cares for each patient and is there to help them.
    — LG
  • Love this place! Everyone makes you feel like you are the most important and that is what real health care should be! Thank you all for this great service.
    — LTP
  • They have been fantastic to work with, flexible as they can with running late, great at listening to patient needs and concerns and finding the root of real problems! HIGHLY recommend!
    — KL
  • CIH has been an important step in my wellness. I've always been pretty uncomfortable and skeptical with members of the medical community, but this practice and staff have been a completely different experience! The total body approach and looking for the root cause of symptoms has been fantastic. Looking for the answer to the questions "why is this happening?" has been so important. Functional medicine is the way to go - and definitely at CIH! Thank you all for being my "team!
    — NNK
  • The journey to reclaiming your health begins with a belief in the possible – and the courage you find in support from others. Dr. Wong and his colleagues have given me the knowledge, tools, and creative solutions to reclaim my health and most of all, the courage to believe it was possible.
    — Anon